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Permitted Electrical Work

As I mentioned earlier, you must pull a permit for almost all applications, short of changing a device. You are required to pull a permit shortly after the completion of work, or in certain cases, when you are prepared for rough-in inspection. ESA is a very strict governing body, but for good reason. The smallest mistakes in electrical work can cause the biggest issues. Every single ESA inspector is well versed in the CEC, which minimizes any possible risk the homeowner could have. But if you were doing some work under the table, you wouldn’t pull a permit, and unless you are watching the contractor like a hawk, you don’t know what corners they could cut. 

Anyone can call and book their own permit. If some work was completed and you feel unsure, you can always call ESA for an inspection after the face. However, if any of the work was covered by drywall, or even buried underground, the ESA has full rights to demand you remove, and redo any work that was not previously inspected. I was talking with a fellow Electrician, and they told me about how someone was doing electrical work under the table, without a permit.

They even went as far as to replace the panel. But, since all of this work was done without permits, they requested that the panel be changed again. What happened next, I am not sure.

We have not established any level of certainty, what Insurance companies would do if a fire, or injury were to be caused by unpermitted work. We touched base with a few insurance companies for our own knowledge, and they may still provide protection if something were to happen, but every insurance company operates differently. Remember that your house, and your family is at stake when you do electrical work without a permit.


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Client’s Testimony

He figure out an odd issue we had with our outlets

Had Bert come out to figure out an odd issue we had with our outlets. He was able to resolve the issue quickly and also was more than reasonable with the cost. Would highly recommend Current Electric.

Paul Lavandeira

Rob has done plenty of work at the restaurant I manage

Rob has done plenty of work at the restaurant I manage. It’s a heritage building and there is always work to be done, he completes it in a timely, professional manner and does the job right every time. Every one of the 10 or so jobs he’s done for us is a job well done. He quotes the job for what it is and if he can do it cheaper, he always does. Very honest contractor and I would recommend him to anyone

Rye Hancock

Very knowledgeable and competant

Good group of guys. Very knowledgeable and competant towards providing you with a solution to your electrical needs.

Jake Beadle

A friendly professional that answers all questions

Robert, the owner, is a friendly professional that answers all questions directly and does not over-sell. He estimated me a competitive rate of 1300+tax for exchanging an old 60 amp fuse panel to a new 100 amp breaker panel, and all work of Robert’s team was coordinated swiftly with the hydro company’s exchanging the meter base; the work was done in one day and about 5 hours total. Very pleased with the full service and interaction and aim to return to Current Electric when I need advice when fiddling with my own small electrical projects as well as for his professional service.

Eugene Klimov

The price was competitive and they were personable

I couldn’t be more pleased with the job that Robert and his crew did installing my new electrical panel, breakers and car charger. The price was competitive and they were personable, reliable and knowledgeable.

If I could give them more than 5 stars I would.


Rob is conscionable and gentle

Beneath the bravado of fumbling iberville and romex, Rob is conscionable and gentle. Rob did my electrical work. Small, not mentioning. But an offshoot of the pathetic job, he paid a needy kid’s college fund, and offered charities his most valuable commodity — his own prowess with electricals and his command over klein tools. [God, let this man be greatly successful not on his competence alone but on the virtues which we are made in Your image, and help this man source good materials for the lowest cost and mark up no more than what is just.] Rob will surely see something from santa this year. ..

Donald Wong